Table of Contents


Chapter One

Who is a “Good Pharmacist?” 27

Chapter Two
What Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurses, and Patients Think 35

Chapter Three
Key Qualities That Make Pharmacists “Good” 45

Chapter Four
What “Good Pharmacists” Tell Us 57

Chapter Five
Visible Patient-Centered Care 67

Chapter Six
Making “Good Pharmacists” 85

Chapter Seven
Am I a “Good Pharmacist?” 99

Chapter Eight
Becoming a “Good Pharmacist” 103

Chapter Nine
Allowing Pharmacists to be “Good” 119

Chapter Ten
If Most Pharmacists Were “Good Pharmacists” 131

Afterword 137
Appendix 141
Contributors 145
Nominate a Good Pharmacist 149
Index 151
Other Books by the Authors 157
Quick Order Form 159


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