“Good pharmacists” are perceived to be people who present a strong work ethic – they intrinsically believe hard work is virtuous and “good” (careful, prompt, diligent, detail oriented, informed, fast, accurate, meticulous, focused, efficient, hard working, resourceful, precise, results-oriented, attentive, discerning, dedicated, thorough, precise, hard-working, focused, aware, problem-solver, effective, timely, and initiative).

Pharmacists are perceived to be of a higher moral make-up than the average population (mature, supportive, accessible, sense of humor, thoughtful, gregarious, warm, affable, pleasant, tenacious, joyful, nice, honest, dependable, judicious, personable, patient, responsible, considerate, conscientious, trustworthy, sincere, observant, inclusive, incorruptible, visionary, cautious, enthusiastic, good tempered, kind, friendly, and sincere).

Pharmacists see beyond the prescription to the individual (polite, accessible, interactive, faithful, neighborhood-centric, contributing, straight forward, respectful, compassionate, approachable, non-judgmental, empathetic, listens, involved, visible patient-centered, concerned, helpful, understanding, courteous, responsive, and available).