Are you a Good Pharmacist?

All professions have their best. It’s common to hear – “she’s a good pharmacist” or “he’s a good pharmacist.” But what exactly does this mean?

Naturally, every pharmacist wants to be a better pharmacist, but what are the characteristics of a “Good Pharmacist” and what can we learn from them to improve ourselves?

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William N. Kelly and Elliott M. Sogol

…with their breadth and depth of pharmacy experience, and research on what it takes to be a “Good Pharmacist,” reveal how “Good Pharmacists” provide more than medication.

This book will enable practicing pharmacists to be better at what they do, student pharmacists to have a vision of what they should become, and those who employ pharmacists to know who they should be hiring and rewarding.

In this book you will discover:
  • It takes more than knowledge to be a “Good Pharmacist”
  • The general characteristics of the “Good Pharmacist”
  • The habits that make “Good Pharmacists” stand out among their peers
  • How to interview, educate, and train student pharmacists to become “Good Pharmacists”
  • If you are a “Good Pharmacist”
  • How to become a better pharmacist
  • …and much more!
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The “Good Pharmacist” is available for your group or professional meetings!

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